Top 8 Scrabble Strategy Tips

to Get the Highest Score

Being a Scrabble master is not that easy, as it is not only important how many words you know, but how you use your knowledge and what your Scrabble strategy is. Speaking about the last point, we’ve decided to provide a few Scrabble tips that help game masters win every time they play. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Tip #1: Practise Whenever You Can

They say that practice makes perfect, and that is true. If you want to be a winner, you are to have a Scrabble dictionary. Look through it when you have a few spare minutes. Don’t refuse from modern tips, like Scrabble word finder, as it makes the search faster and enriches your outlook. Work on expanding your vocabulary and you will manage to beat any co-player.

One more way to know more words is to use online anagram solvers. Just pull out the sets of the commonest tiles and note all the words you find. Be sure, every time you try you are going to learn more and more unknown words.

Tip # 2: Use more Letters

Imagine you have a choice between using 3 high value letters against 5 low value ones. Which letters would you give preference to? ALWAYS take the greater number even if the score is lower. Why? This will provide an opportunity to get better scoring letters, as well as Bingos on another turn.

Tip # 3: Shuffle Your Tiles

The commonest mistake among beginners is maintaining a static rack of tile throughout the game. After getting 7 first tiles, don’t try to keep them, but shuffle and look at them in various combinations. When you see letters in a different order, you find a potential word or combination of words you can use during another turn. Keep shuffling even during your opponent’s turn, as this helps to visualize the possibilities.

Tip # 4: Always Use S

This letter is one of your best friends during the game. Putting an S at the end of some words can double and even triple your score. In most cases it happens with crazy computer words. Using S will always give you extra points. The least number is 10.

Tip # 5: Getting +50 Bonus Score

When using all 7 tiles a player is rewarded with a +50 bonus score for every occurrence. But how to achieve it? The commonest Scrabble strategy you can follow is building around multipurpose letters like I, N, E, A, etc. Use common letters as fast as possible for the shorter lower scoring words. When a player is hoarding generic and common letters, Bingo can easily net him 3-4 times per one game, and you can win thanks to Bingo bonuses and not the words you make.

Tip # 6: Master Letter Q

If you played Scrabble at least once, you noticed that Q is a very tricky letter as it is used together with the rare U. You are to remember the list of words in which Q is without U. Pay special attention to two-letter ones. This will be helpful, while getting out of sticky situations and getting rid of Q.

Tip # 7: Use Short Words

One of the best Scrabble tips to use is memorizing 2 and 3-letter words. This will help to make your play more defensive and score more. 2-letter words will allow avoiding passing and racking up quick points. Besides, sometimes they open up an unexpected triple word play. Short words keep a player safe from his opponents, who may play in a rather aggressive way.

If you’ve managed to work with 2-letter words, move to 3-letter ones. Their scoring abilities are much higher, but defensive ones are much lower due to the fact they aren’t that easy to jam into all tight spots on the board.

Tip # 8: Always Take Your Time

While waiting, all players prepare for their next play. The only rule to remember is that there is no need to play the very first good play that comes to your mind. Count the points each play provides, decide on what tiles to use and what setup you are going to leave to your opponent, while making another move.

Do your best in order to get the most benefit. No one has the right to hurry you to make the next move. Take your time and try not to panic, check all the possibilities open and see whether your opponents use a Scrabble cheat. Soon you will see that your Scrabble scores will increase and you will definitely manage to win the game.

 These simple Scrabble tips will be useful both for beginners and advanced players, who still don’t manage to win every time they participate in the game. Good luck!


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