12 Scrabble Rules for Beginners:

Play with Friends and Win

Scrabble is a world-known game for 2-4 players, who are scoring points, while forming words from letters on a special gameboard that is marked with a 15 by 15 grid. All the words the players form are placed down and across n a crossword fashion.

Scrabble rules aren’t difficult. Before playing, all the players should agree as to what dictionary they are going to use. The words that are labeled as a part of speech are permitted to use. However, there is still one exception in the following: abbreviations, suffixes and prefixes, words that require an apostrophe or a hyphen.

12 Basic Rules Players Must Know

  1. How to play scrabble? How to determine who should go first? The rule’s pretty simple: put all tiles that should be used in the game into a bag and then mix them up. A player should choose a tile. The one, who gets the latter closest to A (or sometimes a blank one) is allowed to go first. Other players take their turn in a clockwise direction.
  2. Each player chooses 7 tiles from a bag and then assembles them on the rack. The player, who goes first, takes 2 or even more tiles and makes a word down or across the gameboard with a letter in the corner of the board’s centre, on the star. He should count up the score, announce it and draw the tiles till he has 7 on his rack. The player, who must play after the first one, lays down a tile (at least one) adjacent to the letter that is on the board, creating a new word. The player counts his points, announces the number and then the next player takes his place.
  3. As you remember, there are blank tiles you can use. However, a player should announce what letter this tile will represent. The blank tile will remain that letter till the game’s end. A blank tile isn’t worth any points.
  4. When a player lays all seven tiles in one turn, he gets a 50-point jackpot bonus. However, this is a rare case. Sometimes Scrabble rules allow scoring many points from a single turn.
  5. Scattered around the board are called bonus squares that indicate opportunities for getting some extra points. The star that is in the board’s centre is a double word score.
  6. There are slots on the board that give players, who place tiles on them, bonuses. These can be bonuses that multiply the score of the tile laid. A single word can span lots of bonus modifiers that amplify each other. This rule lifts the score greatly. A bonus square can be used only once during the game.
  7. If any player thinks there is a Scrabble cheat and the laid word isn’t valid, he can challenge it. According to the rules, it must be done right after the word is laid. Practically all words in the English dictionary are valid. The exceptions have already been mentioned. These are names, suffixes, prefixes, words that require apostrophes and also hyphens. Scrabble dictionaries are put together by lexicographers and Scrabble experts, who did their best to assure that all rules are adhered to as consistently as it is possible.
  8. During the game any of the words can be challenged, and that is when you can use a dictionary or a Scrabble word finder to look up a challenged word. In case the challenge is successful, the player should take back all his tiles, as he loses his turn.
  9. A player can use a turn in order to exchange all or only some of his tiles in his tile rack. He can draw as many new tiles as are returned. This ends the turn.
  10. If a blank tile is played either on a red or pink square, it means that the value of the whole word is tripled or doubled, even in case the blank has no score value.
  11. When two and more words are made up in a single play, each of them is scored. Common letters are counted for each word.
  12. The game is on until the time one of the players uses all the tiles he has and there aren’t any tiles in the pouch. Sum up the total of the tiles that weren’t used and then deduct their number from the score. The winner is the one who has the most points.

As you see, how to play Scrabble is not so difficult to find out. However, to win the game, players are to practice more, planning ahead to tile long words, paying attention to the letters that have been played before and deciding on their own moves. Try to concentrate on unusual words and those that have letters Q, Z, X and J in them, as these words can make you get puzzled. Know more words that have lots of vowels in them and the rules of the game won’t scare you.

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